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San Diego Construction & Remodeling, Inc. is a full service home remodeling company established in 1986.

David Stevens, founder of San Diego Construction and Remodeling, Inc., grew up in Ramona, CA. The 2 bedroom, 1 bath house he lived in was made of adobe. At the age of 12, he installed exterior wood siding on the carport to create 2 more bedrooms. Not the most professional job, but he did create a bedroom he could call his own!

His father then hired a remodeling company and added 3 bedrooms and 1 bath to the home. This was heaven for David, as he could now watch and learn how to build! The original adobe house still needed repairs which David performed over the next 5 years.

He then went on to study architectural drafting in college and landed a job with a civil engineering company. Not satisfied with a desk job, David obtained his generals contractor license in 1986. Starting on his own, David drew the plans and completed all the construction work.

Now in 2018, SD Construction and Remodel is a family owned business. With family members and a great team of subcontractors, David is still remodeling all San Diego county.

David is available for consulting work on your project. Follow the advice of a professional and save money by completing the project yourself!

Custom Kitchens

The kitchen is usually the focal point in most homes.  Any investment you make into your kitchen is money well spent.  The price range for a kitchen remodel starts at about $20,000.00 and goes up to $60,000.00 or more.  The price varies due to the differences of the appliances and counter tops. 
We carry Fashion Cabinets at wholesale prices for all our kitchens.  Fashion Cabinets offers a wide variety of styles and finishes to meet all your needs.  Please visit their website at  If you have your own favorite brand of cabinets, we can install those, too!
Whether it’s for resale purposes, or your own personal needs, there is nothing more rewarding than having an updated kitchen!

Room Additions

Our recommended rule of thumb is the “5-year plan”. If you plan to sell your home within 5 years, keep your addition simple.  Adding a bedroom or expanding the family room are very practical additions. 
If you plan to stay in your home longer then  5 years,  design your addition to accommodate the needs of your family.  Second story additions are usually more expensive, but may be necessary. They may also take advantage of a view, or leave valuable yard space. Also, a second small home on your property may be the perfect solution for extra family needs.

Specialty Services

We also provide:

  • Bathroom Remodeling.
  • Retrofit Windows.
  • Consulting Services.
  • Home Repair
San Diego Construction & Remodeling has been remodeling San Diego since 1986. 
A design-build company, we can start your project with only an idea, and then complete every aspect of the job.  Or, if prefer, you could save money by performing some of the construction work yourself. We will provide costs for only those trades you would like us to complete. 
Either way, our goal is to insure you get high quality work at a reasonable price. Also, we strive to keep you completely satisfied with all aspects of our construction company.
If you have any questions, please contact us at (619)415-3077
or click below to send an email.

What Our Customers say

"Thanks for showing us Fashion Cabinets. We now have the latest and greatest in cabinet accessories! Self-closing drawers, tray dividers, full extension roll-out trays. My wife loves the new kitchen so much that I have been regulated to the outside barbeque. Good thing you suggested that exterior concrete and gas line"!

Mr. Roger Smith

"Working with you on the remodel of my entire home, gave me a feeling of comfort. You were honest and straightforward from the first time we met. You always under promised and over delivered".

Carolyn Dhillon

"If we were to do it again we would hire you in an instant, knowing that in construction, trusting and liking your contractor is the most important part of the job".

Mr. Tony Earle

"The kitchen is beautiful. I love to show it off to the friends and neighbors that stop by".

Nancy Wilder

"With you completing the design work , the plans and the framing, I was able to complete my room addition way under budget by having my friends complete all of the other trades. Thanks again for all of your help".

Chris Cambel

"You have a wonderful attitude and work ethic, David. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to work with a quality person and a quality builder".

Carolyn Dhillon

"David is one of the few contractors that I can leave alone on the job site and know that all of the work will be completed correctly and to the highest standards".

Cleo Solit

"As a flooring contractor, working for David is great. His jobs are always on schedule, clean and ready to go when I arrive".

Ralph D. Comer